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Lifestyle Medicine

After working and owning both small and large companies in the health food industry for over 25 years, Troy decided to take the plunge and comprehensively learn the fascinating science behind how food, nutrition and lifestyle influence people’s health. After studying at London’s Institute for Optimum Nutrition for 3 years and learning the science-based benefits of a healthy lifestyle, it is now Troy’s mission, passion and purpose to support your wellness through the benefits of lifestyle medicine which include healthy foods, traditional exercise, mind-body exercises and sleep. 

Stress and Corporate Well Being

Like many people, after several years of stress in the business world, it finely caught up with Troy.

Through his nutritional therapy education, he learned the detrimental effects of what stress does to the body and has since made steps to manage it over the last several years.

Some people would argue that stress is a fact-of-life in today’s world. Troy’s motto is to embrace it with the mission to convey the virtues of food, the amazing benefits of proper nutrition and the value of a well-balanced lifestyle to clients when confronted with a stressful event or are dealing with ongoing stressors. 

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