What is
Nutritional Therapy?

Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional Therapy is an evidence-based nutritional approach that acknowledges that each individual has a unique root cause to their health imbalances that can be supported with simple changes in food and lifestyle. Besides adding wholesome-unprocessed food to a client’s diet and regime, other daily or monthly recommendations from Registered Nutritional Therapists may include adding food supplements, traditional exercise and mind-body exercises.

What happens in the 1st consultation?

We currently offer one-to-one consultations at Images Spa at Wymondham Leisure Centre in Norfolk.

Over the course of the initial one-hour consultation, the Registered Nutritional Therapist will gather information about the client’s medical history (as well the client’s family medical history), discuss health concerns/symptoms, review diet and analyse any environmental influences that may have in the past or may be affecting the client’s current state of health.

From this information, the Registered Nutritional Therapist will explain the imbalance that may be contributing to the symptoms experienced by the client and will then devise a mutually agreed programme with the client that is nutritionally balanced, sustainable and practical. This approach is not intended to replace conventional medical advice but rather to complement it by the client communicating and explaining any nutritional therapy programme to their healthcare professional. Any client ‘Red Flag’ that arises from the consultations will be communicated to their healthcare professional too.

What may influence the functionality of the body?

A Nutritional Therapist will often explain that thorough dietary interventions including adding proper nutrients and other food components as well as understanding genotypes (personalised nutrition) may help prevent and manage chronic disease. 

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